How does your character affect others?

Which screen do you think is the most beautiful?

  1. Tree in the storm
  2. Dry branches
  3. Low bushes
  4. Pine cones in the snow

Test results:

  1. It is easy for you to have conflicts with people around you and your relationships are very poor. You are cynical, rebellious, and even your friends can’t stand you and alienate you. So you’d better change yourself.
  2. You are more likely to have a different mood. In addition, you are also easy to let others feel that you are sentimental. You are suitable for creative work.
  3. You calmly identify, your moral concept is relatively strong, conservative, moderate, and difficult to understand the bold behavior of others. You have to try to change yourself and accept others.
  4. You are full of romance and passion. You can enjoy yourself even on a deserted island. For love, you will always look forward to it but not insist on it.