Is skylight is just a window or more than that?

In recent years the installation of skylight has been one of the most common choices for naturally lighting a part of the house. Indeed they allow the owners to enjoy a beautiful view of the sky while reducing the use of more traditional lighting during the day.When skylights were originally presented as a source of natural light for the home many people saw them as a way to save on energy costs. And while there are some that allow you to save energy that does not mean that all skylights save you money. In fact some may cost you more for different reasons. So, if you plan to install skylights in your home take a few moments to consider the various advantages of skylights.

The benefits of skylights

The installation of skylights is wise if your desire is to improve the aesthetics of your home. They will provide an impressive amount of natural light while giving you an opening to the sky. You can then open the window to let the air in. Skylights controlled via the remote control are the most comfortable because it becomes easy to close the window quickly if something unpleasant and coming from outside disturbs you. Thanks to the smart windows you can even get skylights equipped with rain sensors that will automatically close in case of bad weather. Choosing the skylight that best suits your house, roof or attics otherwise your investments will be costly but you get zero.

Know the difference

Natural lighting refers to day lighting. To date several natural lighting solutions are available to you. But are you sure you really know the difference between existing solutions? The roof window is a window of at least 0.8 m2 pierced on the roof. It allows lighting only rooms located under the roof.The skylight is also considered a roof window except that it requires a near flat installation and does not have an opening. This lighting is similar to a zenith opening that allows letting the light of day through a window.

Conclusion: choose to quality

Each natural lighting solution has many advantages but conditions must be taken into account particularly in terms of situations and regulations. In some cases roof configurations or prohibitions may compromise the installations of certain lighting solutions. More recently the light pipe has emerged as the lighting solution in areas difficult to illuminate. This lighting system is characterized by a tubular system of light transmission. It is a great asset because it can illuminate the attic and also any other parts of the house through the floors. Unlike a roof window the duct consists of 3 parts, a collection area on the roof, transmission and dissemination.